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Dr. Sandip Agrawal

Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetologist

  • MBBS(IGGMC, Nagpur)
  • MD(LTMMC, Sion, Mumbai)
  • Fellow in Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery (Israel)
  • Ex-Assistant Professor, IGGMC, Nagpur
  • 11 Years Experience Overall (4 years as specialist)

Dr. Sandip Mahavirprasad Agrawal is a Dermatologist,Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cosmetologist in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur and has an experience of 11 years in these fields. Dr. Sandip Mahavirprasad Agrawal practices at The Good Skin & Hair Clinic in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He completed MBBS from Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur in 2011 and MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy from Maharashtra Universtity of Health Sciences, Nashik in 2018.


Dermatologist In Nagpur

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What is the foremost common disorder treated by dermatologists?
Acne vulgaris, or acne, is one amongst the foremost common skin disorders treated by health care practitioners and dermatologists. it’s a chronic disease of the skin, moving eighty fifth of people in their life

What is a medicine disorder?
Dermatology diseases includes common skin rashes to severe skin infections, that happens because of vary of things, like infections, heat, allergens, system disorders and medications. Foremost common skin disorders square measure eczema.

How many dermatological diagnoses are there?
Dermatology is that the branch of drugs that deals with skin, secretion membranes, hair and nails. though comparatively easy to look at, the skin is that the largest organ and has varied potential abnormalities – there square measure regarding 1500 distinct skin diseases and plenty of variants.

What do Dermatologist in Nagpur do?

Skin Specialists in Nagpur diagnose and treat skin conditions. They conjointly acknowledge symptoms that seem on your skin which can indicate issues within your body, like organ illness or failure. Skin Specialists in Nagpur usually perform specialised diagnostic procedures associated with skin conditions.

They use treatments including:

Externally applied or injected medicines.

Ultraviolet (UV) light-weight medical care.

A range of medicine surgical procedures, like mole removal and skin biopsies.

Cosmetic procedures, like chemical peels, sclerotherapy and optical maser treatments.

What coaching and qualifications do dermatologists have?

To become a medical specialist, doctors should complete:

Four years of faculty.

Four years of grad school.

One year of Associate in Nursing situation (training in medical specialty and different fields).

Three years of residency (continued coaching concentrating on the sector of dermatology).

One to 2 years of a fellowship. A fellowship isn’t necessary, however it offers extra coaching in an exceedingly medical specialty subspecialty.

Licensing/certification. within the us, dermatologists should acquire a license to observe drugs and pass a board certification communication offered by the  Board of medical specialty, the Board of medical specialty or the Royal faculty of Physicians and Surgeons..

What are common conditions that Dermatologist in Nagpur treat?

Some of the foremost common conditions a medical specialist could treat include:



Hair loss.

Nail flora.


Skin cancer.


What styles of procedures do Dermatologist in Nagpur perform?

Common procedures include:

Electrosurgery: surgery involves the surgical use of a high-frequency current to chop or destroy tissue.

Cryosurgery: surgical process involves the surgical use of maximum cold to freeze and destroy tissue.

Laser surgery: optical maser surgery involves the surgical use of special light-weight beams.

Excision surgery: Excision surgery involves employing a sharp knife (scalpel) to excise (remove by cutting) tissue with acceptable closures.

Mohs surgery: Mohs surgery may be a surgical technique that involves a layer-by-layer removal of cancer cells from your skin.

Mole removal: A mole removal involves the partial or total removal of a mole from your body. They study the mole for cancer or different skin diseases.

Vein treatment: when evaluating your broken veins, dermatologists could treat them with sclerotherapy or optical maser treatments.

What are some medical specialty subspecialty fields?

Some medical specialty subspecialty fields include:


Mohs surgery.

Pediatric medical specialty.

Cosmetic medical specialty.

What is the distinction between Skin Specialists in Nagpur and estheticians?

Estheticians aren’t medical doctors. They can’t diagnose skin disorders or order medications. they’ll solely facilitate with treatments that have an effect on the looks of your skin. Some esthetician procedures include:

Scrubbing (exfoliating) skin.

Teaching the way to use makeup to hide scarring.

Applying inflammatory disease treatments.

Suggesting skin care product.


Airbrush tanning.

When should I take appointment with a Skin Specialist in Nagpur?

Some of the a lot of common symptoms that you will need to check a medical specialist include:

A patch of skin or a mole has modified in size, color or form.

Skin cancer.

Severe or persistent inflammatory disease.







Dark spots on your face (hyperpigmentation).

Long-lasting skin irritation.



Hair loss.

Nail disorders.

Signs of aging.

Varicose and spider veins.