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Dr. Sandip Agrawal

Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetologist

  • MBBS(IGGMC, Nagpur)
  • MD(LTMMC, Sion, Mumbai)
  • Fellow in Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery (Israel)
  • Ex-Assistant Professor, IGGMC, Nagpur
  • 11 Years Experience Overall (4 years as specialist)

Dr. Sandip Mahavirprasad Agrawal is a Dermatologist,Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cosmetologist in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur and has an experience of 11 years in these fields. Dr. Sandip Mahavirprasad Agrawal practices at The Good Skin & Hair Clinic in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He completed MBBS from Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur in 2011 and MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy from Maharashtra Universtity of Health Sciences, Nashik in 2018.

Vampire Facial In Nagpur

Our specialists offer the simplest vampire facial treatment in Nagpur, beneath anaesthesia and it’s no period of time and a secure procedure. it’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is finished on the face to urge eliminate skin condition, wrinkles, pores, blemishes, etc. Using natural products from the patient’s own body, the procedure is very popular among celebrities and people who are beauty conscious and its a perfect treatment for those who do not want to use botox.

Vampire Facial is known also as Vampire Facial Lift. It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to arrange a platelet-rich plasma that’s injected into the skin. It makes skin look less wrinkled, firmer, a lot of elastic, and vernal.

The best results depends on many factors, as well as patients distinctive skin problems and desired results. Patients need to take excellent care of their skin and avoid smoking and sun exposure conjointly need fewer sessions. Generally, we have a tendency to suggest anyplace from three – 6 appointments, with one session being performed regarding each four weeks

What is a vampire facial in Nagpur?

PRP facials square measure medical, instead of cosmetic procedures. Your medical team initial takes atiny low quantity of your blood.

Then, they spin it during a centrifuge to extract protein-rich plasma. Next, they extract platelets. Finally, they concentrate the sample, making what’s referred to as platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

While dermatologists recently started mistreatment PRP to stimulate scleroprotein production, orthopedic doctors have injected PRP to heal out of action joints — generally ankles, knees and elbows — for several years.

It’s the high quantity of growth factors in PRP that facilitate your body heal.

Benefits of vampire facial in Nagpur

A vampire facial in Nagpur is helpful for those that have scars, wrinkles or sun injury.

By reintroducing PRP into the skin, cell turnover is inspired, that results in a rise of scleroprotein and albuminoid production. Your skin can look electric sander, tighter and fuller.

For facial areas with deeper lines and wrinkles, your doctor might also inject mucopolysaccharide fillers and neuromodulators, that square measure wrinkle-relaxing injections like Botox®. The fillers facilitate restore volume that your face loses naturally with age, whereas neuromodulators keep facial muscles from catching. Neuromodulators will facilitate cut back dynamic lines that kind from muscle overuse, like the “crow’s feet” round the eyes.

How will it work?

You can get a vampire facial in Nagpur during a few other ways. One possibility includes having the plasma unfold on your face, followed by microneedling across your cheeks and forehead to assist your face absorb the proteins. Microneedling is precisely what it feels like — a procedure that makes a series of small, superficial punctures mistreatment sterile needles.

“Both PRP and microneedling stimulate scleroprotein growth, and square measure complementary once done along Another possibility, referred to as the “vampire facelift,” includes having the plasma injected into your skin such as you would a filler. “We attack the matter in 2 layers: at a lower place the skin and on high of it. While there’s restricted analysis on whether or not evil spirit facials are literally effective, one study did show some promise. Participants who received injections of PRP in one cheek and a isosmotic solution within the different saw improvement within the areas wherever PRP was used.

Side effects

If you opt to own a PRP facial, prepare to own your blood drawn. you’ll conjointly expect some pain and slight post-treatment bruising from the microneedling. The PRP procedure is safe for nearly everybody, aside from those with action conditions that need blood thinners or individuals with different consanguine health problems.

Also, once skin is kind of loose or has extreme sun injury, non-invasive treatments might not turn out a dramatic improvement. you’d possible do higher with surgery instead. If you choose for a vampire  facial, you may want a series of treatments four to six weeks apart to attain the simplest results. you may conjointly want further maintenance procedures as time passes. “If you expect identical results as a operate on, that won’t happen with this treatment,” she says. “When you have got a nonsurgical  procedure, you’re getting to get nonsurgical  results.” It’s best to raise your doctor’s facilitate when making a decision that treatments square measure possible to supply the simplest results for your skin.